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Event Security

If you or your business has a special event planned do not hesitate to contact the Eastern District Investigations (EDI) team to discuss your options. In these perilous times, the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could never be truer.  Our team will meet with you to discuss possible overt or covert security measures. We have the means to pre-screen potential guests, as well as provide hands on security for your event.  Our team is trained in crowd control and diffusing potential violent situations.  We pride ourselves in cost effective security measures, with the safety of the client and attendees as our main objective.

They Are Not Forgotten

The team at Eastern District Investigations (EDI) is comprised of current and former local officers and federal agents. We are firmly committed to our law enforcement officers who risk their lives daily protecting our communities.  We are also aware that the vast majority of prosecutors and officers conduct their investigations honestly with the hopes of justice being carried out.  However, the fact remains in numerous cases throughout our country, with or without malice innocent people are accused and falsely convicted of crimes.  This is when the dedicated men and women of EDI will step in to attempt to rectify the problem.  Our team will donate their time, expertise and contacts in the law enforcement community to see that the facts of the case are reexamined. If facts were previously overlooked or deliberately hidden, the team at EDI will use their contacts to see these facts brought to the attention of state or federal prosecutors.

Insurance Claims Investigations

The team at Eastern District Investigations (EDI) is dedicated to preventing false insurance claims that ultimately cost all of us money with higher insurance rates.  The Detroit area is one of the highest per capita insurance premium rates in the country.  A significant factor in this cost is due to fraudulent disability claims. If an accusation of a false claim arises, let the team at EDI develop a plan of action to determine if a fraudulent claim is being made. EDI professionals use all legal and ethical tactics available to us to get an accurate picture of the person of interest.  If it is determined that a false claim has been made, the EDI team will obtain the necessary evidence and provide a clear and concise report that can be used in a legal proceeding. False claims cost all of us money, speak to the EDI team if you believe fraudulent activities are a possibility.

Loss Prevention Specialist

The Eastern District Investigation (EDI) team is staffed with investigators who have acquired years of experience in retail security. Our staff has the ability to secure your business with a uniform presence, as well as a covert approach to retail security.  Our team of current and former law enforcement officers will develop a specialize plan that fits the needs of your business. All businesses are uniquely based on a variety of factors to include, but not limited to locale and demographics of customers.  Our specialized plan will take in a variety of factors, which beginning with, employee and customer safety, followed by a professional and aggressive posture to prevent theft from customers as well as wayward employees.

Employment Background Investigations

Eastern District Investigations (EDI) staffs team members have years of experience in employment background investigations.  When necessary and pertinent, EDI can probe into a subjects past employment records, past civil litigation records, property holdings, hospital records, and prior reported injuries. Before you hire a new employee, it is extremely valuable to determine their character as well as past employment practices.  Nothing can hurt the morale, or the company’s bottom line, more than an individual employee who's main goal is to make false workman compensation claims, or disrupt the harmony of the work place.

Polygraph Examinations 

Eastern District Investigations (EDI) provides professional and confidential polygraph examinations to businesses, organizations, and private individuals throughout the State of Michigan. Our polygraph testing can be conducted at our office or upon a clients request, a mobile unit can travel to a suitable location. At EDI, we use the latest state-of-the-art polygraph testing equipment for our examinations, which are conducted by experienced, trained, and certified polygraph professionals to ensure accurate results. Our staff of dedicated professionals will be more than delighted to answer any questions regarding the polygraph services or scheduling a appointment for you.

Cyber Footprint

Background investigations can also prove valuable in personal relationships. Nothing is more sacred then the safety of our children. Do not hesitate to contact Eastern District Investigations (EDI) if you suspect your child new boyfriend or girlfriend is lacking in character. Let us do a low cost peripheral background check to monitor his or her social media footprint and possible prior criminal record.

Child Support Claims

It has become common practice for some parents to avoid paying child support.  This type of behavior can be devastating on the development potential of the child, and his/her home life.  If you are in need of financial support from your child’s parent, don’t waste time and money starting a legal action without the necessary facts.  It is common practice for some parents to attempt to hide assets. Let the team at Eastern District Investigations (EDI) conduct a preemptive investigation and provide you with the necessary facts to collect the most money available.   The ability for a judge in a civil child support case to render a fair decision the trier of fact must have the details about the parent’s assets.  Do not waste your time going to court without all the facts.  Let the EDI team prepare a written report and video recorded proof of the child’s parent lifestyle to ensure a fair and accurate picture will be portrayed to the court.

Client Driven Professional Service

Executive Protection

Our executive protection service team applies their previous law enforcement experience to personal protection.  They accompany the subject, whenever or where needed.  Our team employs professionals who have been trained in executive protection and have been involved in a variety of diplomatic security details to include government officials, heads of state, as well as entertainers.

The Eastern District Investigations (EDI) team works closely with our clients to develop appropriate dynamic security solutions, which will be cost effective yet provide the necessary amount of security to the principal. Safety and discretion are our primary goals when protecting our clients.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has taken over communications. It is important to know what is being said and by whom.  Employees, spouses, and your children can be involved in a variety of activities on social media that can lead to untold damage. The conduct of an employee on social media can have long range damage to company branding and image.  It is all too common for a spouse to drift onto social media in an effort to establish a secret relationship.  Your children can also use these various social media sites to seek out relationships and on many unfortunate occasions can fall victim to predators who troll the internet looking for young unsuspecting children

This is why the team at Eastern District Investigations (EDI) employs individuals knowledgeable in social media and can help you determine what the subject of the investigation is doing on social media.  The EDI approach contains many facets, but not limited to, using undercover social media identities to follow the internet footprint of the target. Knowledge is power so let the EDI team provide you with the necessary facts.

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