Eviction Specialists

Unfortunately, as a landlord you are sometimes faced with attempting to evict a tenant based on allegations of illegal activities. Due to the high demand of police officers time, and the prioritizing of crimes that will be enforced by law enforcement, police officers cannot be counted on to solve all the problems of a landlord.  Experience has shown that some savvy tenants who engage in criminal activity use the legal system to avoid eviction, which unfortunately, brings down the quality of life for the rest of the community. The team at Eastern District Investigations (EDI) have countless years of experience in state and federal investigations dealing with undercover work including investigating drug crimes, which use the cover of multi-unit apartment dwellings to hide their activities. The experience of the Eastern District investigator's is used to investigate tenants who are involved in illicit activities and to obtain direct video evidence that can be used in civil or criminal prosecution of the tenant.  It is no secret that the legal cost of a contested eviction in the Detroit metro area can exceeded $4,000 for one case.  However, to avoid such high legal cost the team at EDI will investigate your tenant without charge.  EDI will not bill the clients unless we can confirm there is undisputed fact of wrongdoing.  Feel free to contact our office prior to the start of an eviction process to discuss cost saving options, and to avoid unnecessary legal fees.

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Surveillance Specialists

The team at Eastern District Investigations have countless years of surveillance experience.  Each case requires a unique approach.  EDI employs a vast network of operatives who can blend into a variety of situations without detection. Our team utilizes countless years of training to ascertain the activities of the subject at hand.  Whether it be, a spouse or an individual involved in a fraudulent insurance claim the EDI investigators will provide detailed written reports and video proof of the person’s activities.

Undercover Bureau

Client Driven Professional Service

Aerial Surveillance

Eastern District Investigations (EDI) employs staff that has been conducting covert surveillance for over thirty years. EDI prides itself on being at the forefront of cutting edge training and strategies. With this mindset, EDI now employs a licensed drone remote pilot in compliance with FAA regulations. The use of the drone to follow subjects, however new, has proven very helpful in developing intelligence on surveillance conscious individuals. When ethical and legal, EDI will provide video and still photo images of the target subject from our drone surveillance. The best evidence is direct evidence. 

“Secret Shoppers”

The Eastern District Investigation team has the ability to insert “secret shoppers” into any type of business in an effort to uncover potential employee theft. Our investigators come from all walks of life and represent a diverse cross section of the community. Whether your establishment is an upscale bar/restaurant or a neighborhood grocery store, EDI has investigators that can surreptitiously be placed in the establishment to observe employees without their knowledge.  It has been our experience that with one wayward employee, it can cost a business thousands of dollars, and potentially put a business into bankruptcy. If you have a business and believe theft is occurring at the hands of your employees, contact our office so the necessary evidence can be obtained before taking any action.  Unfortunately, in this day and age a wrongful termination lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Let our team provide you with the direct evidence to prevent unnecessary court cost.